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Viennese weekend (The last one for now)

Jun 2nd, 2008 by admin | 2

This weekend (Fri & Sat) was really great and interesting. Friday evening/night the “Lange Nacht Der Kirchen” took place in various churches all over Vienna (and also in other places in Austria). So I went to the Altlerchenfelderkirche which is quite close to where I currently live in Vienna and I hadn’t been there before. The deacon made an interesting tour through the church explaining all the frescos and other architectural features of the church. In the sacristy he also showed valuable old albs and goblets.

Vienna night view (North)

Afterwards I walked over to the Pfarrkirche Schottenfeld in Westbahnstraße where they offered to take part in an ascent of the tower. This was a really adventurous thing because it was dark, narrow and especially dusty up there and the stairs were also quite steep. But it was really interesting and the view over the nightly city was also great.
All in all I think the Lange Nacht Der Kirchen (just as all those other “Lange Nacht Der…”) is a good oportunity to see places that are usually not publicly accessibly or you would at least not consider going to.

So that was the Friday but the following Saturday was also great. I went to the cinema with S. to see the movie 21 staring Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne amonst others. You can watch the trailer here (or the German version here). It’s quite a good movie, the story is a bit predictable in places but never boring.
And after the movie we had the chance to chill out at a special place with a great view. Thanks a lot to M. and E. for making this possible.

So now, a great weekend is over and a great time in Vienna is also nearly over but to be countinued I hope (I really do)…

On the way home

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2 Comments on “Viennese weekend (The last one for now)”

  1. sassi said:

    hallo thomas!
    1. ich hab dich jetzt auch verlinkt. ;)
    2. 21 möcht ich mir auch anschauen, glaub ich.
    3. wie ist denn das sarah kuttner buch so?
    4. e. & ich verstehen den unterschied zwischen kategorien & tags nicht so ganz…
    liebe grüße!

  2. Thomas said:

    Hallo Sassi,
    1. Danke für die Verlinkung.
    2. 21 hat mir ganz gut gefallen, nur die Geschichte ist etwas vorhersehbar
    3. Also dieses Buch von Sarah Kuttner ist nur eine Sammlung von Zeitungskolumnen und naja ganz OK. Ich hab das zufällig bei Buchlandung gefunden..
    4. Naja mit dem Unterschied zwischen Tags und Kategorien ist das so eine Sache. Also ich versteh das so dass Tags bei WP z.B. wie Tags bei Flickr sind und Kategorien wie Alben oder Sammlungen bei Flickr. Aber viel Unterschied ist da wirklich nicht..
    Schöne Grüße ins Elfenreich…