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Campusrock 2008 Review

Jun 10th, 2008 by admin | 0

So well last Saturday I was at the Campusrock 2008 at the Stadthalle in F├╝rstenfeld (the venue had been changed due to the weather conditions). And this year they had great bands again. Well there could have been more people there but well it was OK.
So now I’m really not in the mood now for whriting a lot about this concert so I’m just going to put some photos in below…

The first band that played when I arrived was TNT Jackson from Vienna. I think their show at the Planetarium in Vienna last January was better but I think it was just the audience…
TNT Jackson

The next band was Chikinki from the UK. Their gig was quite good actually and the singer ever went crowd surfing.


After a very long sound check came Slut from Ingolstadt/Germany. They had all kinds of instruments on stage which was pretty amazing. Everything between an ordinary guitar and an old radiator…


So the last band for the evening was Partyshank from London. These electronics guys who sound like a mix of Test Icicles, Daft Punk and MSTRKRFT played a really crazy 30-minutes set for the few (~70) remaining people…


Thanks a lot to the people who organized the whole thing for making this possible. I hope there will be a Campusrock again next year, in whatever size an form…


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