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Where to get books for cheap

Jun 13th, 2008 by admin | 3

It was some time ago, when I posted a list of books I read. And back then I promised to write another post about books. So here it is now.
First thing I need to say is that I only bought very few of the books in the list mentioned above for the regular price. So now I’d like to tell you where I bought most of those books.

Das oblatendünne Eis des halben Zweidrittelwissens

If you are in Vienna, there are some very good places to get cheap books for under 5€. The best is – no doubt – Buchlandung. They have three stores in Vienna and they only sell discounted books, most of them with the stamp on it saying “Mängelexemplar”, which means something like “scarce commodity”. However these books are always normal quality meaning the print and everything is OK. The only thing they often got is one or more scratches on the back cover which however doesn’t affect one’s reading pleasure. The best store of Buchlandung is the one at Columbuscenter in the 10th district. The other two don’t have that a good selection.
Another shop is Boox, situated at the Museumsquartier station of the metro line U2. The store is very small and packed with books. However I only once managed to find a book to buy there.
So now we got all the cheap-books-only stores. However there are still some other places where you can get good cheap books of you are very lucky. I for example already bought some at Thalia at the W3 center, Leykam at Graz Hauptbahnhof and in various Libro stores. The Libro stores however have only been selling crap on their bargain counters for the last 1-2 years, according to my experience.

So now you know where to get good books (like the ones on my list) for cheap. But please don’t go there to buy all the books I’d like to have ;-)


3 Comments on “Where to get books for cheap”

  1. eva said:

    also ich muss ja sagen, ich find in letzter zeit kaum was bei der buchlandung (geh auch immer zu der im 10.). :( voll blöd.

  2. Thomas said:

    Das letzte Mal war ich vor ca 2 Wochen dort und hab das Sarah Kuttner-Buch und noch ein Anderes gekauft, hab aber auch recht lange gesucht um die zu finden. Bei meinen bisherigen 4-5 Besuchen hab ich insgesamt 5 Bücher gekauft..

  3. da steve said:

    top artikel, danke dafür. Vielleicht hab i ja nach der Diplomprüfung mehr Zeit zum Lesen.

    btw: der erste link geht nit ;)

    lg, da steve