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Last month and so…

Aug 1st, 2008 by admin | 1

So now another time it’s been quite a while (over a month) since I last posted on this blog. And maybe you have asked yourself what I did in that time.

Well actually the end of June also was the end of the EURO 2008 European football championships. And for that event I went to Vienna, to the Fanzone. I stayed in the city for a few days again. Thanks once again to E. for allowing me to stay at your flat.

Riegersburg Talstation

The on the 10th of this month I was at the Riegersburg for the Abschlusslesung of the Schreibzeit Midnight Oil. I hadn’t been there for a while and it was nice going up there with the funicular (and down again in complete darkness…). More photos of this event in this Flickr set.

The biggest event recently was the opening of the Dirtpark in Fürstenfeld last Saturday. It was a great event. Matthias Engel came with a Red Bull truck (free Red Bull for some of us) and the guys had a lot of fun riding the dirts that afternoon. Also a trials rider had come over from Graz and did a little show on some pallets. Right on time when most of the riding was over heavy rain set in and this was the end of the event. More photos of this event in this Flickr set.
So now that we have this dirtpark (thanks to our mayor and the local section of the Rotary Club) I think I have to go there regularly to get some practice…

Helmkamerafahrt The end of an afternoon

By the way, I’ve been working in my holiday job for two weeks now, with two more to go. It’s quite hard and exhausting work sometimes but it’s OK.

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