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Art: Robert Bruno Steel House

Sep 8th, 2008 by admin | 2

A few month ago I was sitting at Tribeka in Graz, having a bagel and a coffee and reading one of the arts magazines lying around there. You know one of the kind that has 200 pages and costs around 10€. So I flicked through it. Most of it was about interior design and not that interesting. But one article towards the end caught my attention. It was about a guy called Robert Bruno who built (or better say welded) a full house out of steel. See the images below and go to Robert Bruno’s website at www.robertbruno.com to get more information.

Well, I actually think this is a really great project, but to be honest I wouldn’t want to live in a house that’s made all out of steel.

House exterior House interior

PS: This is the second post now in a new series in which I want to introduce some interesting arts projects or atists I like. There are more to follow…

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2 Comments on “Art: Robert Bruno Steel House”

  1. antonia said:

    Hmm, das war doch im Fernsehen auch, oder?
    Von innen siehts cool aus, wie Holz, ab von außen find ichs einfach nur hässlich…

  2. mfmvp said:

    I like it too…

    …Tribeka :)

    And this house is definitely unique.