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Where to get books for cheap

Jun 13th, 2008 by admin | 3

It was some time ago, when I posted a list of books I read. And back then I promised to write another post about books. So here it is now. First thing I need to say is that I only bought very few of the books in the list mentioned above for the regular price. […]

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Viennese weekend (The last one for now)

Jun 2nd, 2008 by admin | 2

This weekend (Fri & Sat) was really great and interesting. Friday evening/night the “Lange Nacht Der Kirchen” took place in various churches all over Vienna (and also in other places in Austria). So I went to the Altlerchenfelderkirche which is quite close to where I currently live in Vienna and I hadn’t been there before. […]

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How Can I Ever Be So Stupid?

May 16th, 2008 by admin | 0

Well that’s what I asked myself two times recently. The first time was on Sunday when I originally planned to go to Maribor/Slovenia to watch the Nissan UCI Mountainbike World Cup downhill race. But well, the evening before it came to me that I had left my passport in the flat in Vienna. As I […]

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Flickrtreffen Wien 2008

Apr 30th, 2008 by admin | 0

On Sunday the somehow annual meeting of Flickr people in Vienna – mainly from the “Guess Where Vienna” group – took place. As I’m on Flickr just for half a year or so it was the first time I was at one of that meetings. So the first part of the meeting was a photo […]

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Wien bei Nacht

Apr 20th, 2008 by admin | 1

Yes, as I already mentioned someday, I really like Vienna. But Vienna at night is also great. Not only the concerts and other events and locations for going out. I also like walking through the city at night on my way home after going out when all the streets are nearly empty. Like Friday night […]

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Pic of the Day 01/03/2008

Mar 3rd, 2008 by admin | 2

Fallen to pieces   

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Jeans Team @ Fluc Wanne

Feb 12th, 2008 by admin | 1

Last Saturday I was at the Fluc Wanne on the Praterstern where the regular Pling Plong Klub took place. This time they had Jeans Team from Berlin as special guests, which was why I went there. Acutally their concert was great, yes a bit short maybe. The Fluc Wanne is a former pedestrian underpass and […]

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Photo walk – Bahnhof Landstraße

Feb 12th, 2008 by admin | 0

Last Saturday afternoon I went to Landstraße/Wien-Mitte train station which is (like all other main train stations in Vienna) in massive reconstruction at the moment/soon. The market hall which was until now integrated in the station building was closed down last Friday, probably forever. So after I had seen theses photos on Friday I decided […]

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New wall decoration

Feb 12th, 2008 by admin | 3

Recently I finished the new wall decoration for my room. For this one I got inspiration from this Instructable. Actually I didn’t have that many CD cases and also I thought that it would look nicer with real picture frames. So I bought four packs of Clips 10×15 frames from IKEA which are just 0,99€ […]

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Pic of the Day 07/02/2008

Feb 7th, 2008 by admin | 0

One internet per hour   

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